Guided Mushroom Journey

You have found an experienced psilocybin guide in Ontario, Canada

I am Gerry Kayohte and I want to be your trip-sitter

Entering the unknown

What brings you here?

Simple curiosity? A desire to understand you and your world more fully? Perhaps you wish to reframe where you are in life. The Guided Mushroom Journey celebrates your instincts and hopes you take the time to dig a little deeper.

psilocybin cubensis mushroom

Finding Your Way

Science and the intuitive mind have come together to rediscover the Psilocybin mushroom’s power to awaken our consciousness and provide guidance and insight to those choosing to take an immersive magic mushroom journey.

A map to follow

Honoring Your Intention

If you decide to reach out for more information, be reassured that we take the utmost care in assessing whether a mushroom journey is your best option. We ask you to complete a comprehensive intake form and phone or video interview with Gerry before scheduling a journey.

%Guided Mushroom Journey%

In a forest, you can see one-third of it, which is the trees. But two-thirds are underground. It’s like the roots that go down. And the way trees communicate with each other is through mycelium. And mycelium is a mushroom. It’s a fungus. The whole of the forest communicates through this layer of mushrooms. Mushrooms are a great connector, and you can think about that analogy . . . imagine yourself as a tree. And you’ve got your trunk, which is your connection to yourself. And you’ve got your branches, which are your ideas going out. And then you’ve got your roots, and you’ve got this layer of mycelium, and you’re connected to all these other people. And so, to make your tree grow really strong, it’s about your place in the forest. You’re not standing alone.”

Dr. Rosalind Watts


The skill set I bring to you as a guide includes lifelong spiritual study and meditation, experience guiding others on immersive psychedelic journeys, and personal journeys in solo and guided settings.

My time navigating the realms of spiritual teacher/student and guide/tripper has made me acutely aware of the trust required of the tripper and the unequivocal integrity required of the guide.

Human touch for comfort and safety


Feel free to reach out and Gerry will get back to you as soon as possible

Information is for educational purposes only. We do not condone sale or use of illegal substances.