The Magic Mushroom Journey

Walking an unknown path

What Can I Expect?

Guided Mushroom Journey offers one-on-one guided Psilocybin mushroom sessions in our Hamilton, Ontario studio. Each session lasts approximately 5–6 hours. Before the session, Gerry familiarizes you with your environment, helps you settle in, and answers any questions you may still have about what to expect. You’re encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and, if you wish, bring one or two objects as touchstones for your journey.


During your journey time, you’re accompanied by your guide Gerry Kayohte. Gerry provides a grounding presence and sensitive response to your needs as you go deep into yourself and open your connection to the cosmic consciousness that mushroom medicine offers.


You’re in a room arranged for your comfort with a nest-like space for you to relax in. We provide you with special eyeshades to experience the unique visual landscape that unfolds and a carefully curated soundtrack that provides focus, beauty, and support for your mushroom journey.


At no time are you left alone, aside from a bathroom break, which will be communicated to you unobtrusively so as not to disturb your flow.


In addition to experience guiding others, Gerry is informed by her mentorship with other experienced guides and the careful study and research conducted at John Hopkins University and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).


Some books she recommends—How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan, Sacred Knowledge by William A. Richards, and The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide by James Fadiman.

Remembering our ancestors

How Do I Prepare, and What Is the Cost?

Many reasons lie behind choosing to experience an immersive Psilocybin journey. You may be seeking a reset of your life orientation. You may hold a vast curiosity that evades specificity. Or perhaps life has dealt you some cards you feel you must turn over and examine, and you’ve heard the magic mushroom may offer you help and guidance.


Once you’re ready to take the mushroom journey you’ll need to answer some questions regarding your physical health to ensure a safe trip. The most significant disqualifying factors are experiencing psychotic episodes or suicidal ideation, having a bipolar disorder, and taking anti-depressants. A lack of research means we cannot recommend a high dosage of Psilocybin for individuals experiencing these symptoms or taking these drugs. The Guided Mushroom Journey provides neither medical diagnoses nor psychotherapy. We can provide further details upon request.


We’re committed to your safety. A free phone/video chat before your journey and after completing our medical checklist allows both you and Gerry to accurately determine the appropriateness of a journey in our studio.


 Taking time to reflect, journal, and mediate are excellent activities to engage in before your journey.


Our $900.00  fee includes a one-hour preparation video/phone chat before your journey, the journey itself, and a one-hour integration video/phone session afterwards

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What About Integration?

Integrating your journey can take many years. While an immersive Psilocybin journey is often categorized as one of the most significant lifetime experiences, it might never be repeated.


How does one integrate? There are many options. Some individuals find psychotherapy sessions helpful. Journaling, practising meditation, or spending time in nature are helpful ways of connecting your mushroom journey to the grand journey that is your unique and special life.


A one-hour phone/video chat with Gerry, preferably within a week after your journey, is included in the session fee. You’ll have the opportunity to share anything you wish. As a guide during your journey, Gerry was there with you, and she remains committed to providing whatever insight she can to assist you with your integration.

Why a Guided Mushroom Journey?

We’re committed to offering a trip-sitting service that respects our clients’ intentions for their journey, their health and welfare, and their individual life experiences. We honour the profound healing properties of the Psilocybin mushroom and its power to positively change lives. 


Deciding to reach out may take time, and there is no rush. When you’re ready, Gerry looks forward to saying hello and answering any questions you may have about your personal Guided Mushroom Journey.


May you be blessed with health, happiness, and prosperity.